Source files preparation

Before submitting your designs for sale on Unsold Design, you need to be sure it’s exported in all of the proper formats. This will save both yours and your customers’ time since they’re not going to reach you just because they need a PDF or some other format you didn’t include.

Since the files are available for download right after the purchase, we want to have smooth processes for both sides.

Have this in mind before you start exporting:

  • Convert all fonts to paths
  • Remove all unnecessary layers and orphan anchors points
  • Make sure your files are in CYMK Color

Once you’ve done all of the above, you can proceed with exporting your files in the following structure…

File Exporting

Your main file should be a compressed archive (.zip, .rar), which should contain your design in four file formats like .AI, .PDF, .SVG and .PNG. Since PNG is rasterize format, be sure it’s minimum width is 1920 px.

To speed up the export process, you can use Illustrator’s already built-in feature called Export for Screens” by going to: File > Export > Export for Screens, or just by pressing CTRL + ALT + E

As you can see on the above screenshot, you can set different file formats to be exported in. Notice that for PNG and JPG format you can setup width dimension from that dropdown menu.

Also, “Export for Screens” options doesn’t export it in .AI format.